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Quality Stainless Steel Strips at Your Fingertips

Stainless steel strips have many practical applications, which make it a popular material to work with. Its resistance to corrosion and stain, easy maintenance and attractive luster and shine makes it ideal for appliances, cookware, surgical instruments, construction and industrial applications to name a few. We produce premium-quality inox steel strips in both 300 and 400 series for use in various projects. These strips come in a wide range of finishes which fit any look you may want for your products.

Uses of the 300 Series

The 300 series type of stainless steel strips is one of the two widely used variants of inox materials. It has high resistance to corrosion and staining, and can harden to make items withstand oxidation for long-term use. The nickel content in this steel alloy prevents the material from cracking under stress.

Type 304, or “general purpose” inox, is the most commonly used of all the 300 series inox steel.  We make excellent type 304 stainless steel strips for use in everyday items such as flatware, stove tops, counter tops, jewelry, street signs, and baking pans. Not to mention the strips used in elevators, shipping vessels, evaporators, truck parts, nuclear vessels, to name a few. This grade of steel alloy is suitable for cutting, crimping, bending, and flattening processes, making it an easily adaptable material.

Uses of the 400 Series

The 400 series grade of inox strips has more specific uses than the 300 series. This series has much lower nickel content and is therefore more ductile, which makes it easy to rework to create various machinery parts and interior trimmings. When treated, it becomes hard and suitable for cutlery and vaults.

We make type 430 stainless steel strips perfect for automotive trim and molding, fasteners, hardware, furnace parts, interior architectural, and kitchen trim and paneling, storage vessels, tubing, vaults and zippers. Type 430 has phosphorus and sulfur added to the alloy, helping it withstand machining processes during production of these items.

State-of-the-art Equipment for Quality Strips

We at Rolled Steel Products make use of advanced equipment to level, cut, and finish your stainless steel strips. We have our own cold reduction mills to manufacture strip quality steel alloys with various tempers and finishes. Our machines use gamma rays to measure the strips precisely, cutting it according to your specifications. We can level and edge inox strips of different gauges with our state-of-the-art leveling and edging tools.

Let us know your specifications and we will deliver only the highest quality stainless steel strips when you need them.