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Quality Stainless Steel Coils

We are the complete solutions provider for all types of stainless steel. Our years of experience allow us to gain knowledge and understanding of this industry and have set benchmarks for others to follow.

Rolled steel is an international processor, trader and stocking metal service center for all grades and thickness types of stainless steel coils. We offer oscillate winding, slitting, edging, and blanking services to tailor stainless steel coils to meet your requirements. We have quick and reliable delivery services for both small and large orders.

Today, we have become an industry by word in both quality and business integrity. We are committed to achieving the highest standards possible in our packaging, quality check, cutting, and delivery services.

We remain focused on our goal to maintaining our reputation as the leading distributor and processor of stainless steel in the domestic and international markets.

About our products

Our stainless steel coil products are adaptable to fit any situation. You can find us in the food, medical, and construction industry. Medical equipment, kitchen utensils, construction materials, electric equipment, and grills are just a few examples. The grade and thickness of our coils can be customized to fit your needs. If you need more information about stainless steel and other equipment, feel free to contact us anytime.


The primary composition of stainless steel is iron and chromium. This is its most basic form. It is also known as the “ferritic class” because its crystal structure is called ferrite. These types of steels are magnetic like those in the ordinary class. 

Other class of stainless steel


This type is produced when the carbon content of ferritic stainless steel is increased. It is commonly used as razor blades, knives, and corrosion resistant bearings. These steel grades are strong and durable, but brittle and difficult to form and weld. An example of this is Type 430.


These are ductile and durable. It is easier to form and weld Austenitic steel compared to Martensic. These steels are not magnetic. An example of this is type 304, one of the most widely used stainless steel in the world. This class is preferred in corrosive environments, where welding is required. You will often see this used in domestic kitchen sinks and building facades, as well as commercial food processing equipment and chemical plant piping.

Precipitation hardening

This is considered a specialized family of steel. Its strong properties are achieved by adding elements like copper, that forms fine particles during heat treatments. They have slightly higher corrosion resistance than Martensitic, but have less resistance than type 304. These are commonly used in the aerospace and defense industries.