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Bonderized G-90

Bonderized steel is actually Galvanized steel that has been put through a phosphate bath and has a layer of Chromate applied and dried. The process produces a dull gray colored finish which provides for a good primer in order to be painted. The Bonderized steel should be painted immediately after installing to prevent the phosphate coating from developing white rust. The galvanized steel is first cleaned and rinsed and then has a conditioning agent applied to form a fine crystalline zinc phosphate coating. By doing this, the process turns the bare galvanized surface to an inert, crystalline zinc phosphate which then is rinsed and sealed with a dried chromate coating. Bonderized steel is popular in the rainwater goods industry. Typical uses are, rain gutters, downspouts, roof flashings, and roof valleys. This zinc phosphate finish is a perfect surface for painting of the fabricated material in the field. Available in sheet and strip