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Electro galvanized Steel: Quality Products through Electro galvanization

The Demand for Steel

Steel products are constantly in high demand all throughout the world as steel is sought after in many different industries for many different purposes. Steel is used in shipping, construction, engineering, and even in the construction of household appliances. A typical person cannot even walk a few steps without seeing one form of steel product or another. Electro galvanized steel, one of the most in demand type – is one of the products we specialize in.

Electro galvanized steel

There are many different types of steel products, but electro galvanized steel is set apart from the rest due to its special properties. This type of steel product is especially strong and durable, but what really makes it exceptional is its resistance to corrosion. This resistance to corrosion is due to the process of electro galvanization.


Galvanization is the process in which steel is coated and bonded with a layer of zinc. This is done by dipping the steel into a bath of electrolyte solution containing zinc, which will effectively coat the steel material. This process creates a protective layer of zinc around the steel products that prevents corrosion (rust) and forms an additional barrier that prevents the steel from immediate rust even if the zinc coating is penetrated.

Zinc offers more corrosion resistance than steel, and more protection than any other substance such as paint, powder coating, enamel, and such. Zinc’s low cost, virtually maintenance-free shelf life and ease of application, all make it an ideal substance for metal protection and galvanization.

Uses for Electro galvanized Steel

Electro galvanized steel is used in many different fields due to its unique properties. It is used in the agricultural and construction industry, as a component in different pieces of heavy machinery. You will even most likely find it in your home. It is also used in the automotive industry, construction, in the fastener industry by different equipment manufacturers. It’s also used in the aerospace industry. In short, it is utilized in manufacturing where there is a need for strong and durable steel product expected to last for a long time. This is precisely what we can offer you.