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430 Stainless Steel and California Steel: Some of the Most Sought-After Substances on Earth

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 @ 04:03 AM
posted by admin

Steel is, without a doubt, one of the most essential and most significant substances humans have ever worked with. It has fueled the growth of civilizations, spurred the rise of economies, and is a vital part of every individual’s life. For many homes, like in California, steel framing provides better strength and durability. Houses with metal frames are also expected to stand for generations unlike those made with wood.

This substance can be found everywhere even if the average person may not notice – in office buildings, in homes, public parks, and grocery stores; in all probability this can even be one of the first things a person can interact with when he or she wakes up in the morning. This just goes to show how popular and useful this substance is.  

A Special Kind of Metal

There are many different types of metal alloy used for different purposes; however, one type is especially popular. This is 430 stainless steel, a type of metal alloy usually found in homes. It is also the most commonly used than any other type of steel. This kind is non-heat treatable, is ductile, has good formability, and is easily formed by processes such as bending, drawing, pressing, and heading. These properties, along with its ability to have a bright attractive finish, are the reasons why this substance is a sought after material for products like automotive trims, decorative household appliances, and interior architectural finishing.

Steel and Today’s Economy

The popularity of 430 stainless steel is only one indicator of how much this material, or more accurately, substances like California steel, is a very popular product around the world. Even with the world’s economies still reeling from the recent economic recession, the demand for this material is still very high and isn’t seen to slow down. The demand slowed down a little during the economic recession, but picked up again within a few years. Many economists and industry experts attribute this to countries like China, India, and other rising economies with growing demand for steel. Those looking for a reliable supplier of this type of prized material need not look any further: we have the quality products you need.

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